Trump says Somalia is a chaotic country

US President Donald Trump delivered a lengthy speech by lawmaker Ilhaan Omar of the country’s Congress, saying it is also highly desirable in Somalia.

Trump spoke with his supporters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

She also pointed out that there is a lack of government in Somalia.

The President said that the Presidential Summit in Somalia, such as the Police and the Peace-Keeping, is the only one that you can swear by the president and his frustration.

“Ilhan Omar wants to live in Somalia, including the Somali government, where there is no government, no police, you want peace, but there is only an absence and confusion, where we will go from our country. , We have No… No. “President Trump said.

Finally, he criticized Ilhan Omar for fighting to announce Joe Biden’s election campaign and the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination for the presidency.

In fact, Trump was the first person to publicly declare hate speech against all Somalis, attacking Somali-born Ilhan Omar, but apparently at the US Congress.