Somalia and Somaliland sign agreement in Djibouti

The discussions between the Somalia and Somaliland technical committees in Djibouti have concluded with the parties agreeing on some points.

The Somalia government and Somaliland have agreed on five points, which are assigned to three sub-committees to work on these issues.

The agreement was read by Djiboutian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf to the media:

1 – How to proceed to future meetings, beautifully and purposefully

2 – To rebuild mutual trust.

3 – Implementation of the agreements reached in previous conferences that were not implemented, such as International Financial Assistance and Humanitarian Assistance; will host Djibouti.

4 – Both countries  have issued a committee to discuss the Air, which will convene in Djibouti within 15 days.

5 – Developed by a third committee to work together on security issues.

A joint technical committee was also appointed at the ministerial level, and will meet in Djibouti for 45 days to evaluate the performance of the sub committees.

somalia signed the agreement with Interior Minister Abdi Mohamed Sabriye, while Somaliland signed Yassin Haji Mohamud Farato as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.



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