The team tasked with investigating allegations that Kenya is interfering Somalia released shocking report

The team tasked with investigating allegations that Kenya is interfering in its internal affairs has issued a statement in response to a number of allegations made by Somalia against Kenya.

The commission was appointed at the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) summit in Djibouti on December 20 after the Somali government filed a lawsuit against Kenya.

The commission said there was ample evidence that Kenyan aircraft had violated the Somali border, in violation of international civil aviation law signed on December 7, 1944 in Chicago.

“The federal government has ordered all flights to Kismayo to pass through Mogadishu. However, Kenyan airlines have refused the order and no special permission has been given for any reason, ”the statement said.

The commission also said there was no evidence that Kenya had recognized the Jubaland administration.

“The participation of two prominent Kenyan lawmakers, Aden Barre Duale and Yusuf Haji, in the inauguration of Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe does not constitute recognition,” the commission said in a statement.

In response to allegations by the Somali government that a Kenyan faction led by Abdirashid Janan was armed and trained in Kenya, the commission said it had confirmed that Janan was a minister in the Jubaland administration and that his forces were under the administration’s forces.

“It is noteworthy that at the London Conference on May 17, 2017, Somalia’s security framework included regional forces and regional police,” the report said.

Allegations Somalia has caused diplomatic friction between the Kenya and Somalia, which led back to Kenya from diplomats in Somalia, but the board has refused to cut relations between the two countries

“The commission finds that the complaints from the Somali government, some of which have been in the past, do not seem to be sufficient to justify the severance of diplomatic relations between Kenya and Somalia. It is true that the federal government of Somalia is independent in its decisions, ”said a statement from the group.

They added that the conflict has affected and inherited dire consequences, with 3,000 Somali children attending Kenyan schools crossing the border dropping out of school.

Committee members include Yacin Elmi Bouh, Djibouti’s ambassador to Kenya, Aden Hassan Aden, Djibouti’s ambassador to Somalia, General Taher Ali Mohamed, Colonel Ali Aden Houmed, Colonel Mohamed Barkad Aden, and Commander Houssein Idriss Egueh, who Djiboutian troops, and Commander Abebe Muluneh, IGAD security director.


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