President of Somalia to be announced that he will be office extra time

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Halima Ismail Ibrahim (Yarey) speaking at a meeting of the Somali Parliament today spoke about the upcoming election in the country.

The speaker said he was going to an election and offered two types of elections in the country.

The chairman said that the version approved by the Somali parliament and signed by Farmajo President of the Voter Registration (Biometirc) is unlikely to expire on 27 November 2020, as it requires such hard work. a combination of time and budget.

She said that if such a election is to be held in the country it would need to be given to the commission for 13 months from July 2020 to Aug. 2021.

Also, Halima Yary said in light of the circumstances in the country that she had developed another form of electoral voter registration on the same day.

She said the second version could take nine months and run from July 2020 to Aug. 2021

Both of these types are over and over during the President’s term of office, which is extention


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