Somaliland sends strong warning to federal government of Somalia

The Somaliland government has strongly spoken out about Coronavirus cases in its area, where the Somalia Ministry of Health always adds to its list of cases.

Somaliland’s deputy minister for livestock, yurub Abib Abdi, told reporters in Hargeisa today that the federal government should be limited to its areas, as Somaliland is an independent state.

The minister was shocked by the ministry’s daily report and referred to Somaliland as a sovereign nation, she said.

yurub warns Somali health minister, Fowziya Abikar Nur, to talk to Somaliland later on, as other authorities have reported, as they have already been cut off, according to the statement.

Somaliland claims to be an independent country in Somalia, with international partners treating it as an administration in Somalia, when it failed to gain international recognition.


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