Somalia: Puntland President ‘After Galkayo Bombing criticize the federal government of Somalia

The president of the Puntland administration indirectly attacked the federal government in the aftermath of the recent violence in his area, largely due to the assassination of senior officials.

It was recently when Puntland security forces clashed with Bosasso armed groups in Bossaso, and it was also claimed that operations carried out by the bombs claimed to be targeted in Bossaso town.

Meanwhile, a bomb exploded in Bajaj, killing the governor of Mudug region in Puntland yesterday.

However, Mr Deni believes that the interests of the people are trying to mislead and harm Puntland and that he will soon launch an alliance of the allied forces in the region.

The president has repeatedly said the killings are part of the government’s campaign to eradicate the existing regional administrations.

“This country has entered a new era where federalism is about to be abolished, it needs to be weakened in order, to be dictated by everyone, to every county and every city,” he said. Deni.

President Deni said the pressure exerted on Puntland would lead the Government and the people of Puntland to reconsider their actions.

“The misunderstanding of the government in recent times is likely for the people of Puntland who have been known for governance and order to look back,” Deni said.