Saudi government officials cut the money yemen cabinet and president in saudi arabia

Saudi authorities have assigned them to protect Yemen’s presidency, and have stopped supporting it, according to Arab media21.

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading a Yemeni coalition that has urged them to fight against the movement of the Haitian movement, to restore the general revolution of intellectuals led by President Abdou Rabbu Mansoor Hadi.

Since then, most members of the Yemeni government have resided in the Riyadh and Jeddah councils, and their expenses have been paid to the Saudi government.

A government official who spoke publicly in Arabia21 said officials at the embassy had been sharing with officials and staff at the Yemeni embassy. A number of ministries have also been delivered to the new job.

It was included in the statement that “all Yemeni government employees and residents have spent their lives, some of them increasing their lives.”

A letter circulated on the Internet showed that a Yemeni official and staff in Riyadh had said that the maximum amount of money the leaders would pay would come to an end in May.

This has led to the presentation of reports that the government could tackle the situation in Yemen, after five years of war, with no significant successes, and issued adverse events.


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