Africom Announces Cause stop Missile Strikes in Somalia this time

The US Army Command in Africa, AFRICOM has not suffered casualties in Somalia for five weeks, which is one of the latest battles.

However, there are still other countries that I cannot keep in your country, but as it is now.

The spokesperson spoke to AFRICOM, which reported on newspapers and stars of the war against military officials, after it was announced that shelling could occur for more than a month.

“Things that are managed during one rainy season, can be used to change it to make al-Shabaab more active in the movement,” the spokesman said. Chris Karns.

“We should always strive, but whenever we find a competition to carry out shells, we will not stop being able to fight the shells,” he said.

Somalia is currently experiencing heavy flooding of 300,000 people, according to the Q.M.S.

The latest attack on the US media has announced that it will execute Somalia on April 10 – at the onset of the rainy season – but it has been confirmed that the war will not continue with al-Shabaab. .

Even though five weeks AFRICOM is full of shells, today it depends on a total of 40 attacks, which they urge you to overdo your tea for last year.

“The animals that have not been taken out of the window are still, in case of fraud, and the shelling is appropriate and replaceable, the shelling will resume,” he said.


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