somalia embassy in kenya planned Evacuation Somali People To Home After coronavirus

It is planned to repatriate Somalis trapped in Nairobi as the Somali embassy in Kenya has issued a condition for people to cut tickets for Daallo Airlines.

The only requirement for a person who wants to return home is to have a Coronavirus test and they will only be sent back to the country without the disease.

The embassy has told people to contact Daallo Airline, the only people who have registered in Kenya before, as well as a Somali passport.

“Anyone who wants to travel should get tested for Coronavirus. Only people who do not have the disease will be picked up. They must also have tickets by May 17, which is the last day to register,” it said. a statement from the Somali embassy in Nairobi.

It was only recently when the Somali embassy in Kenya notified Somalis detained in Kenya that they could register.

Anyone wishing to return home was required to complete a form and conditions for repatriation.