Somaliland announces new Coronavirus cases

The government of Somaliland, led by President Muse Bihi, has recently announced three people with coronavirus infection

Somaliland has confirmed that three people have been diagnosed today in Hargeisa and Borama.

The government says two cases are in the capital city of Hargeisa, while the other is in Borama, Awdal region.

The number of cases in Somaliland is 5 cases, with the total number of cases being 28 cases, which is evidence of the rapid spread of the disease in the country.

Somaliland has recently been very feared disease in a lift, as previously found looga Burao and Berbera, and our government introduced strict orders to limit the movement of people.

Coronavirus appears to be in danger in  Somaliland  and Somalia, with two people dead in Mogadishu, one of them  Minister.


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