Somalia Federal Goverment announced curfew will be imposed in Mogadishu,

The Somali government has recently announced that a curfew will be imposed in Mogadishu, which will last for 15 days.

Somali Police Commissioner Gen. Hajar Mohamed Abdi Hassan, said that people’s safety at risk looga coronavirus, the government decided on Wednesday from the current series of 15 April, the city imposed a curfew from 8:00 pm , and ends at 5:00 am.

The police chief also said the curfew would affect the movement of people and transportation, business, except for grocery stores and health centers such as pharmacies and hospitals, according to the statement.

The commander said the amendment would assess the prevalence of COVID-19. He asked the public to comply with the curfew, to protect people disease risk, he said.

Finally, the commander directed security forces to facilitate access to medical facilities for sick people in emergency situations, according to the statement.

Fear of the disease has created a feeling , capital, after it increased the number of exploratory and many of them are going to pay.

At least 21 people have been killed and two injured, while others have been treated in separate locations.