Somaliland agrees Cargo ship trapped for several weeks in Berbera Port

The Somaliland government today approved the shipment of a bulk cargo, which has been confined to the port of Berbera for nearly two weeks.

The ship from Saudi Arabia, particularly Jiddah, was stopped at the port of Berbera on April 1st, controlled by DP World.

According to the Capital Online, the ship carrying food shipments was temporarily blocked by DP World’s Omanar dealer, Kotakaya’s agent.

After a lengthy dispute, the Bihi government intervened between DP World and the ship, which was trapped in the port, and decided to completely divert the ship.

The government and DP World are expected to release the shipments after being resettled, which is accountable to the Oman Trader, Capital Online told one of the merchants’ shipments.

The ship, which is currently being held at Berbera port, has been approved for shipment, is carrying the essential food items used during Ramadan, as it is only a short time later.


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