Police forces shut it down Mosques in Mogadishu Friday Prayer

Friday prayers today, I can get some mosques in the capital after troops began operations in a previously undisclosed and many people are surprised.

In my day, Friday prayers are pleased they are together, run, Hodan, Howl-hitting, BONDERE districts, is said to have been informed that the mosques mosques close to looga prevent the spread of coronavirus infection data.

Some of the mosques are reinforcing them and making demonstrations to block the mosques, and the veil has been accepted.

The government and the government of Somalia are still officially official, which is not to wear mosques, from history to know that you are connected to the holy rites and celebrations.

The priest, shared information, but has not confirmed it yet, he said on television cards to customers listening to his campaign owners, fearing that people could easily pass the Coronavirus to them.

Somalia’s health agency said on Wednesday it was the first victim of violence in Mogadishu. Anyone who does not have the country you brought to perfection, and has fallen ill with it.

The organization also announced that in a city that is not in the practice of starter disease, is almost fully able to benefit from the useful to the community (community spread) is the day , that could be a reason for the health risk to continue.


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