What are The Reason Government Of Somalia Will Investigate Anyone Who Died In Mogadishu

The Benadir regional administration has issued an order to look into the death of any person in Mogadishu, to ensure that he or she died of coronavirus.

The reason for the new commands issued to said looga Attention epidemic of Covid-19, which is already one of the cases reported in looga.

“We want to bury people to know about the diseases they have died from, to make sure they have the symptoms of coronavirus, so in the event that the person died of the disease, we are ordering him to control his disease from spreading.” said Basmo Amir Ahmed, deputy director of social affairs in Benadir region.

However, the question of how to apply this rule is questionable, as there are people dying in places other than hospitals, such as homes and outside Mogadishu.

Governor Basmo said the county government has the power to reach any part of the Benadir region, denying that there are places that health workers cannot access due to insecurity.

“There is nowhere for the government to go. I do not think there is any place in the district of Benadir today that we cannot reach, ”she said.

Basmo underscored that the order issued by the administration does not mean “no one can be buried”.

the first death caused by coronavirus in Somalia.

Minister of Health of the Federal Government of Somalia Fowsia Abikar Nur, posted on her Twitter account. The cabinet also announced four more cases of coronavirus.

The total number of coronavirus cases in Somalia is now 12.


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