united nations mission in somalia and Somalia government confirms third case of coronavirus pandemic

A UN staff member in Somalia has been diagnosed with Coronavirus , the UN has confirmed.

In a statement on Twitter, the man said he was in Somalia.

“We are taking the epidemic seriously in preparation for controlling cases. We will continue to support the health ministry to control the disease.”

The Somali Ministry of Health has confirmed the third case of Corona’s disease from a foreigner at the Halane camp at Mogadishu airport.

This comes at a time when the Somalia government has confirmed the second case of Corona in the country.


The confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Africa have now reached more than 3,000 cases, and South Africa is one of the largest cases.

A curfew was imposed in the country 21 days to prevent infection Covid looga 19.

Rwanda has confirmed 50 people have been infected.

The World Health Organization says half of African countries can prevent the spread of the disease if they take appropriate steps now.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is planning to impose a curfew in the capital city of Kinshasa to contain the disease.

Somalia confirmed the second person infected with Covid 19 yesterday.


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