Somali Special Forces Conduct Landmines Clearance in Janaale town

Somali Special Forces have conducted mine clearance operation in Janaale town a day after Al Shabaab was driven out of the agricultural town located in Lower Shabelle region about 96 km southwest of Somali capital, Mogadishu.
Somali forces backed by AMISOM troops took control of the town which was a stronghold for Al-Shabaab in many years.
The mine-clearing operation comes after a heavy fighting between Al shabab fighters and Somali national army erupted in the lower Shabelle town which was under the control of Alshabab militants.
Janaale lies on the main supply road for African Union troops, AMISOM in southern Somalia and Al-Shabab has used the town as a base to launch attacks in the conflict-riddled Lower Shabelle region.
According to the governor of Lower Shabelle region Ibrahim Adan Ali Najah,. the mine clearing and combing of the town and its environs will continue.
The governor noted that the communities in Janaale town are still facing threats from landmines, IEDs, and unexploded ordnance which Al-Shabaab laid along the roads.


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