somalia military court sentences soldier to death for murder. officer,

The Somalia Armed Forces Court has today ruled in the case of people charged with the murder of Gorgor Force Commander Maj. Mahaday Suleyman, killed by guards at Ex-Naso hablood  Hotel on October 19th, 2019.

The court today sentenced four men to work at Hotel Ex Naso hablood 2 on the murder of Gorgor commander.

The chairman of the 1st Armed Forces Court, Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, said the men had gone through various stages, and the decision was made today.

The Court of Arbitration has ruled that the killing of former Gorgor Commander was intentional, with the four gunshots being fired and the gunshot wound to the deceased and other evidence.

Prosecutors said the evidence of intentional killing of a commander’s orders Maxaadeey officer at the front entrance of the hotel to the car and came back, but then covered with lead.

Pirates Colonel Shuute said executions shot into the constable’s power Hassan Shuute Osman and Constable police Juule Gabow Ibrahim execution Maxaadeey Suleiman soldier guard of the future, while the other two were each sentenced to 5 years and Xabi personnel.

The Somali Armed Forces Court has said anyone who is not satisfied with the ruling is open to appeal



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