What’s up with “Sheikh Sharif’s security is at stake”why ?

The security minister of the Federal Government of Somalia is reportedly attacking as he is being targeted by former Somali President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

A press release issued today by the internal security administration said:

“The ministry is sharing with the community, including the one that is built on the statement that they are among parliamentarians who can act against former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. The president is too bad and they are keeping their security. soldiers of the National Guard, and so it is possible to spread your news ”.

The governments that emerged from the previous governments have come to the fore during the current war in the offices of national parties that Sheikh Sharif’s theft is a threat.

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The statement from the Ministry of Security also stated that it is obligated to protect Sheikh Sharif and former deceased President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

“I urge former presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to have the president of this country at full-fledged stage. The nation has a special duty and their security is a national duty and you must find and protect the troops.” , “the text said.

The two politicians are currently at the forefront of individuals opposed to the government led by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed (left) and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (most), both former presidents of the presidency, are currently at the forefront of party politics.
The National Party Forum said in a press release today that they are facing disruptions to the security situation of Sheikh Sharif.

“The National Party Forum continues day to day with the unanimous decision of the national congress and party ceremonies, Mr. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Ahmed, on the evening of 22 – 23 March 2020, in Mogadishu, a violation of the sacred. former president of looga control requirements and governance process “, the statement said.

Also said: “MXQ considers one day  assassination targeted Leadership Forum National issue of creating a stable negative political and the security situation in Somalia is based, did not cause looga Saturday night council. Homes brought Sheikh Sharif “.

“The MXQ is committed to working on the work of stability and the laws and laws of the country, with the need for the leadership of this group to maintain responsibility.

Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, both of whom spoke at the presidential election in Somalia, are now united in the national party.


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