Coronavirus: Who was the Somali player who died from coronavirus?

Abdikadir, who was also one of Somalia’s football players, and played for the local club, has been suffering from the Covid-19  these days.

Somali football federation sends condolences to  loss

bidhiq has lived in London for a while. Since his retirement from sports, he has been a keen footballer.

He was one of the sports analysts who regularly work with the BBC Somali Service.

What do we know about your football hero who died from coronavirus?

Abdiqir Mohamed Farah Briq was a professional footballer
Mukhtar Mohamed Ahmed (Mukhtar Cuti), a former member of the Petroleum club, told the BBC a brief biography of a bloody man.

He first played for the Hiran region, where he represented the regional tournament in Somalia.

“The Petroleum Group gained its high profile from the region of Hiran. We really played with him and we were playing together in attack,” Mukhtar Cuti said.


He was one of the most trusted players in the Somali national team.

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Somali football player turned cooker
A history of driver training with the Somali national team
Image caption
Mukhtar Cuti (left) and Abdikadir Brik (right) were friends
Speaking to the BBC earlier, Abdikadir himself told him that the reason he was given the nickname was because he was too fast, when he was playing football.

He said that Turkey was a man of great character and that the community greatly loved him.

“We were talking to him a week ago and he couldn’t talk to him anymore, because he was so sick. May God have mercy on us, as we are the sports community in Somalia today we have lost a great man and I condole with all the Somali people,” he said. similar.

Mukhtar said there are many things he will never forget Bdidhiq  and he is a man who has worked hard to bring out the best young Somali talent in football.




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