Military court of Somalia sentences IS member to death

A military tribunal in Somali sentenced an IS member to death on Thursday for killing a soldier in the capital Mogadishu in August 2019, an official said.

In a statement, the chairperson of court, Hassan Ali Nor said Mohamed Ali Mohamed (20) confessed that he joined ISIS group in Puntland state.

According to the court, Mohamed found guilty of killing the officer in August 2019 at Warda Nabada district in Mogadishu.

Mohamud was operating Miraale locality before being transferred to Mogadishu to be part of the group’s hit squad.

He reportedly killed Mohamud Ahmed Dhuhulow in Sinai market of Warta-nabadd district. He has one month time to file an appeal to seek intervention.

On Aug. 1, Somali National Armed Forces military tribunal sentenced Adan Mohamed Ali, a Daesh terror group affiliate aged 25, to death for a role in the killing of five people, including civilians and security official, which took place in the port city of Bosaso, the capital of northeastern Bari region.

Human rights group have accused Somali military court previously for executions of suspects without proper investigations claims denied by the senior Somali government officials.

Somali military court handles cases related to security mainly terrorism.

The military court has sentenced several Al-Shabaab and ISIS members in the past.