Why was the Somaliland girls’ football tournament canceled?

Sports, Somaliland, which issued the order, said the process was “in violation of Islamic law and tradition”.

Somaliland sportsman Abdirashid Aideed Yassin explained to the BBC his reasons for competing.

First of all, as a Ministry, we encourage boys and girls to have the same opportunities in sports, but do not violate Islamic law. not seen on television and social media, ”he said.

He described the move as shameful in violation of the rules for the Somaliland girls’ football tournament.

“This is really changed. The competition is made advertisements, are missing daughters, was among the players had to say I support my daughters to have the support, it is a good mid-tested threshold.

“Pictures and videos of his daughters wearing shorts have also been posted on social media, prompting the competition to be suspended, pending a correction,” said Somaliland Sports Director Abdirashid Aidid Yasin.

He arrested the director, adding that the order was based on the impact of the games on the rules.

“Somaliland’s constitution stipulates that whatever is in accordance with Islamic law, we are free to do anything that is not important, even if it is distorted and we will correct it, God willing,” he added. The competition for the famous girls soccer club has been open since 2017.

Some reports say that the girls who are preparing for the competition cannot do anything wrong so it is a secret, and the pictures that are stripping the administration of it indicate that it is being spread by other than the father. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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