U.S. military killed eight al-Shabab fighters in a series of airstrikes in Somalia.

The us  Mission in Somalia (Africom) says it has twice bombed an area near the town of Jilib, targeting al-Shabab militants and vehicles carrying explosives.

A statement from AFRICOM said the bombing was part of the fight against al-Shabab and that it was committed to continuing to support the federal government of Somalia.

“This bombing is a show of support for our comrades and our defense against the enemy,” General Dagvin Anderson told the U.S. military.

A statement from AFRICOM said that the number of bombings carried out by Al-Shabaab in the Somali capital since 2018 has risen to 45 and killed at least 400 people.

The U.S. military has not yet commented on the number of casualties in the latest drone strikes.

However, the Federal Government of Somalia said that with the help of ARICOM, it carried out an airstrike on an Al Shabaab-owned explosive ordnance disposal factory in the Jilib area.
The federal government said in a preliminary assessment that ten al-Shabab fighters had been killed in the bombing.

Residents of the first US forces made the country since US President Trump said that the US forces in the country is removed from office before the transfer of 20 January 2021


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