Please do not interfere in our affairs somalia said

Somalia has told off foreign diplomats over what it says was intervention in the ongoing row with Kenya.

Speaking during the closing session of the Somali Partnership Forum, Foreign Affairs Minister Mohamed Abdirizak said the matter was between the two countries only.

“With regards to our bilateral relations with neighbors this is not a matter for discussion in this forum,” the newly appointed minister said.

“Somalia respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighboring countries.” He added.alls by EU ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga for easing of tensions between the two countries and urge against ‘exacerbation of emotions’

“Please desist from declarations that could exacerbate emotions,” Berlanga said. ‘This should apply to Somalia and its neighbors and a declaration by Somalia to its neighbours.”

Somalia expelled Kenya’s ambassador late last month over what it said was interference in its internal affairs.

It went further Monday to announce new visa rules requiring Kenyan passport holders to apply for visas at its embassies departing from current practice where they receive visas upon arrival.


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