International community warns Somalia federal government and parliament

This article is about the need to attend the general assembly of the parliament, this and the court said that it is necessary to hold the 3rd session of the parliament.

The points you are emphasizing in the press release are the most important clause that states that a person does not belong to anyone, and that the DF, regional administrations or political parties have the right to decide on the term of the government. increase even if parliament decides.z

The memorandum also sets out other parliamentary sessions and other government functions to document the extension of the term of the person who wants to be protected, and that they work together and share. The source of these press releases.

Somalia’s Friends on Social Affairs (listed below) * are fattening up the meeting of the Central and Regional Governments in Dhusamareb on 15 August, as planned, with the participation of all DGXDF and FGS officials. Of particular importance was the right confidence in the leadership and the continued co-operation of the reconciliation process to be held at the previous Dhusamareb conference to continue Somalia’s politics and stability.

If someone is in charge and attending this workshop that can destroy the still-weak credibility, they are keeping the boys in the process of building understanding, and we can put this meeting down to enable them to reach decisions with could carry out. With only three months the date for November’s scheduled presidential election in 2020, as well as during monthly only has time for seasonal Term parliament 10, the effect of the daily need to continue Reconciliation should continue to be tested, and in particular the electoral process, with no further delays.

The task of the technical committee tasked with scrutinizing and preparing the votes for the presidential election is essential to the success of the convention. I am concerned about some of the regional states in order not to fight wakiililladooda. We urge them to allow their representatives to participate in the dialogue meeting, and that it can be initiated immediately, during the negotiations with the government leadership to resolve outstanding issues.

I recall that during the previous congress, the leaders refrained from including the obligation to hold the election ceremonies on all the shares they were satisfied with to carry out their duties. Do not underestimate, the technical process should be removed and stripped of the selection of options selected in the process of selecting a compromise, in order to satisfy all stakeholders.

We further recommend, as I tell the calls first and talks are ongoing with no power would not affect control of the shares, in the form of all forms of control that you make can marry only, but a little bit of one  political holders , they are allowed to do all the shares, and that the laws of our country are dropping looga required. We recommend that we be satisfied with the end of the term of the 10th parliament, that it be maintained and that all stakeholders, including the government, state and local governments, the presidency and the parties, be reconciled. You must be part of the laws of the body itself, taking in any member you need to extend the term of the 10th parliament or rule.

We are ready to challenge the preparations for the next Dhusamareb conference and the actual technical activities.

Governments: Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States, France, the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, Japan, the Office, Kenya, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Nations Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and Kenya.