Chairman of the Upper House of Ethiopia resigned

The chairman of the House of Representatives, Khayriya Ibrahim, has announced that she has resigned from the post following a brief interview with Tigray Television.

In an interview, Khayriya announced that she had abandoned her will and did not want to be in favor of a dictatorship.

She also accused members of parliament of violating the Constitution and not acting in a negative way.

“I am not ready to work on a single group that violates the constitution of the country on a daily basis.” she said.

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Also Opens added “outside the constitution and we have learned looga country are trying to explain the provisions of the constitution or looga change.”

Finally, she underlined that the current Ethiopian government wants to change the constitution to allow for further extension.

“The current Ethiopian government is trying to twist the constitution to extend its mandate.” said the speaker of the upper house of the Ethiopian parliament.

Khayriya Ibrahim has held the post for two years and is a member of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).