Ilhan Omar sends a letter US forces in Somalia AFRICOM becouse of civilians bombing

Ilhan Omar of the US House of Representatives is leading the AFRICOM Command on account of civilian casualties in Somalia, according to a letter.

There is a big difference between AFRICOM’s civilian casualties and those documented in the debates you receive from Amnesty International.

Ilhan Omar and a representative of the US TIRSAN Council, with a democratic presence signed a letter to the US military, signed by members include Adam Smith from Washington state who heads military security officials. Agents.

The war demanded that the military be asked to clarify HOW to investigate allegations of civilian casualties. Combat can also present you with dignity and offers you a helping hand as a proof of the difference between the abilities you have and those you work with.

The allegations are arresting civilian casualties in the United States, which he said were based on Trump’s 2017 order to give AFRICOM flexibility in the handling of attacks by Somali militants.

Following the abolition of the labor laws, it is said that the basis of the report on coercion against individuals, local authorities and kasiyi.

“I encourage you to the great truth and I say you have to read the information to get the  info  related to the event of public confession, and AIDS that is bad for your assessment and more,” the statement said. sent to you. AFRICOM Commandant, General Stephen Townsend.

“When it was reported after the staff report, it was unimaginable, because of your cultural and linguistic abilities, and you could force them to kill it easily,” he said.

AFRICOM ended March with the release of individuals killed in the bombings in Somalia and Libya, which has been blamed for the attacks in Somalia.

It is noteworthy that the loss suffered by the army troops private US company Electronic full of Somalia’s armed forces, and the armed forces.

AFRICOM says its forces are fully attacking fellow soldiers, and admits that they will be attacked in Somalia.

Below ducment  from Ilhan’s sent to AFRICOM


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