The US embassy in Somalia has responded to the Somali government’s threat to the VOA Journalist and Us Citizenship.

The US embassy in Somalia has issued a short statement on its Twitter account accusing NISA of the Somali National Intelligence Service of violating the rights of the US government.

In a statement posted to the embassy on twitter, NISA’s “attacks against Aaron Macros” threaten freedom of expression and media independence.

“Aaron MacRUF is a respected and professional journalist working for VOA, and is one of the most influential journalists in Somalia. The NISA attacks threaten freedom of expression and the freedom of the media that forms the basis of democracy and government accountability in Somalia, ”the embassy posted on its twitter account.

NISA’s National Security and Intelligence Agency said in a statement issued April 2 that it was “taking appropriate and appropriate action” against journalist Aaron MacRuf.

In a statement posted on twitter, NISA said Aaron MacFor “had links to threats to national security, and to acts outside the media discipline,” according to the statement.

“We are partnering with the authorities in the country to remain vigilant and communicate to the national security agencies.”

The VOA radio operates by Aaron MacRaugh is under the auspices of the US State Department, just as the US Embassy in Somalia is under the ministry.


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