The Somalia Federal Government We Can’t Stop Ethopian Airline to landing Hargeysa

Somalia Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mohamed Abdullahi Salat Oomar for the first time talked about why Ethiopian Airlines failed to comply with the Somalia government’s decision to suspend international flights to the country.

The minister acknowledged that the aircraft had been regularly scheduled to land in Hargeisa, Somaliland, and that the flight was canceled for a number of reasons, although he did not comment on the depth.

“We have no permission, no temporary or normal leave, and it is currently in Hargeisa, but it brings Somali people, as you know from abroad, 14 days of travel, so it is a trip. a separate situation, ”said the Somali aviation minister.

The minister also said that Ethiopian Airlines, with the exception  Airlines, had to take a break from the Somali government to land in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

“There are other planes with medical and medical equipment that we have permission to land in Hargeisa. “We are currently on a plane landing in Hargeisa, as we have released, and that is why we allow aid planes to land in Hargeisa, which is absolutely necessary,” he added.

Meanwhile, ministers from entering the boundaries of the North in all areas of demand in the country as it stands into risk coronavirus.

“We are requesting that people coming to the borders across the country, we pray that this disease will be allowed by God to keep everyone safe and secure,” said the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation. for the Somali government.

Finally, Minister omar urged the Somali people to follow the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and pray that our country will not be protected from the disease that has plagued the world, suggesting that no government-sanctioned aircraft will stop.

The Somalia government announced the decision to suspend domestic flights the day before, and has already announced a decision to suspend international flights, but it is noteworthy that Ethiopian Airlines, which has a regular passenger on board, has landed on flights. In Hargeisa, the country does not operate any aviation, except aircraft such as medicine and medical equipment.


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