Somali scientists recover from Coronavirus

Somali scientist Hassan Abdi Dhore, who happened to be in Corona, says he is now recovering after being stranded in his home and receiving medical help.

Several of the experts charged with Coronavirus testing throughout the UK have explained further how he recovered from the disease, in an exclusive interview with the BBC Somali Service.

He also pointed out that the illness he had suffered, while at work, was sent home and he recovered.

“I work in the pain in me, then I was sent home. There is no real place to say the disease has followed me there, but I have been following the crowded trains and buses. ” he said.

“There is still no cure for this disease, because it is a new disease in the world,” Hassan added. “I was taking complementary medicines, such as arthritis, in which I was eating two shots at a time, and drinking lots of water.”

On the other hand, he urged the Somali people to believe in the presence of the disease and to exercise extreme care and caution.

He noted that the development of Coronavirus could take more than a year, with the disease being a global epidemic


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