Somaliland: No Case of Coronavirus seen in our country. “

The Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Health Mohamed Abdi Hareye urged the public to be aware of the threat of Coronavirus and apply the Ministry of Health’s Communication Messages.

The Director General of the Somaliland Ministry of Health Mohamed Abdi Hegeyeye, who spoke to the Newspaper in the Horn of Africa, also urged the public to pay attention to the call to prayer and to increase the prayers of Allah SW.

Speaking on the matter, the Director said: ” The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, will soon appoint a national Committee for the Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus, which has spread rapidly around the world, and the Commission immediately embarks on many initiatives. To prevent this dangerous disease from entering our country, the Ministry regularly provides the public with an awareness of the dangers of Coronavirus, so the community needs to be more vigilant and watch out for Coronavirus isolation. exterminated the nations of the world, the flow has disappeared, we have our fears, it spreads out loud, let us pray to the supplications of our Messenger and read our prayers, our people become very well-groomed, and our hygiene is well known. let us take heart ”

Meanwhile, the Director General of the Ministry of Health said that no case of Coronavirus has been detected in Somaliland so far “There has been no case of Coronavirus in our country.”