Thousands People displaced in Somalia’s Bula Hawo fighting

Fierce fighting between Somalia’s forces and militia allied to a fugitive regional security minister near the border with Kenya has forced an estimated 60,000 people flee from their homes. The United Nation has said.

“The initial clashes of 7 February and the escalating tensions that led to more hostilities on 2 March have resulted in large-scale displacement of civilians, mainly from Bulo Hawo and the nearby Beled Amin Internationally Displaced Persons (IDP) settlements,” a report published on the website of OCHA said.

Most of the displaced fled to the nearby towns of Luq and Dolow, according to the report.

Adam Abdelmoula, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Somalia said, It is important for all parties to safeguard the movement of civilians out of conflict areas in safety and dignity so that they may have an obstructed access to humanitarian protection and assistance.

The clash brought business to a standstill in the border town, where most shops remained closed.

Tensions are building up in the Somali border with reports that Jubbaland has dispatched more troops readying to combat with Somali army forces.

Terrified residents carrying belongings on their heads or strapped to their backs were reportedly seen fleeing from conflict area

An estimated 2.6 Million people are currently displaced within Somalia as a result of ongoing conflict and recurring climatic shocks. The UN noted in a report.

In 2019 alone, approximately 190,000 people were displaced as a result of conflict.

In Jan 2020, 35,000 people were reported as newly displaced in Somalia including 28,000 people who fled from insecurity in some parts of the Horn of Africa nation.

Somalia is preparing to deposit the instrument of ratification for the Kampala convention on the protection and assistance of IDPs at the African union, which was signalled by president of Somalia on 26 Nov, 2019.


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