The Us Government intervenes on the Kenya-Somalia border Tension

Reports from a Kenyan independent newspaper ” DailyNation” reveals that US government has intervened the ongoing tension between Somalia and Kenya, asked both leaders to end the raging conflict and come up with ways of resolving the border tension.

A day after Nairobi accused Mogadishu of violating its territorial integrity by having its soldiers fight on Kenyan soil, Villa Somalia, the official residence of the Somalia President said in a statement.

“President of the (Federal) Republic of Somalia and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke over the phone and discussed the importance of working jointly…to find a solution on boundary security and overall regional stability,” Villa Somalia said in a statement on Twitter, in Somali language.

“President Farmaajo and President Kenyatta underlined that the security of the two nations is interconnected with each other, and anything that could result in misunderstanding needs to be avoided.”

As it is, Somalia said it had agreed with Kenya to form a joint committee to boost diplomatic and trade relations between the two peoples.

The Newspaper didn’t say which president the US government leaned on to make the phone call happen, though Villa Somalia confirmed the call but it also did not indicate who initiated it.

The tension between the two countries has escalated after the Somali government accused Kenya of interfering in Somalia, which Kenya denied.

Somali forces are currently fighting with Jubaland forces at the Somalia border with Kenya, Somalia alleges Kenya is supporting the Jubaland forces in Gedo.

However, Kenya responded in a statement that Somali forces “came into their country, violating their sovereignty and destroying property belonging to the Kenyan people.”


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