Why is Somalia’s internet connection cut off for political reasons?

The Somali government’s Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology, Eng Abdi Anshur Hassan, gave details of the internet service that was completely cut off in Mogadishu yesterday.

First, the minister denied that the Somali government has cut off the internet for political reasons, following reports that this is the case.

The Minister of Taxation pointed out that an unexpected fault had occurred in the Fiber Optic cable under the sea.

He also pointed out that work is currently underway to identify the defect and where it occurred, in order to repair it.

“I can clearly say that what happened was a technical glitch, but not a political glitch and other activities,” he said.

He added that the Somali government is not a problem for its people and should not be blamed.

“Technology, knowledge and economics will never be politicized by the government.” he added.

The absence of the internet service, which is largely dependent on the Somali people, has affected southern and central Somalia, and there have also been significant losses, although the exact extent is unknown.