Soldiers detained in Puntland and supported by the federal government of Somalia

GAROWE, Somalia July 26 (Garowe Online) – Puntland forces in the region of Gardafuu say they have withdrawn from the administration following a video posted on social networking sites on the Internet.

The footage of an official who claims to be the commander of the region and armed men wearing military uniforms have announced that they have been cut off from Puntland and are now a local army.

The military spokesman said the reason was to intervene in the region and to hand over intelligence and environmental elites.

They also expressed their opposition to the deployment of the PMPF to Gardafuu, as their region is safe.

Finally, they called on the federal government of Somalia to assist them and support them, pledging their readiness to unite Somalia and defend their country, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, there has been no comment from the senior officials of the Puntland regional government regarding the statement.

However, you are not the first soldiers to leave Puntland, and there are troops in the administration already joining Somaliland.