An expert declared the consequences if Somaliland’s case goes to the ICJ Court

Somaliland President Muse Bihi delivered the final speech on the 18th of May next on Monday, stressing that Somalia is capable of doing so. ‘.

John M. Rosenberg, a caliphate and a surveillance expert in Africa, spoke of President Bihi’s plan that Somaliland’s fate was ruled by an international court.

John says that Bihi’s plan could end in failure, since it is a strategy that has no previous plans, and that it is appropriate to have plans different from those announced by President Moses Bihi.

Rosenberg posted on his twitter account that Somaliland’s case will take place in an international court and end in solidarity with the Somali people.

Somaliland says it plans to take its case to court. Bringing the case to an international court is a strategy for failure, but they are sitting somewhere else prepared, ”John M. Rosenberg wrote in his letter.

Somaliland has helped unsuccessfully unite its independence, leading to plans and actions that seek recognition and not one day.