Somaliland accuses Egypt of providing weapons to the Somalia government

Somaliland Government condemns arms embargo on Egypt

Somaliland’s Minister of Defense Abdiqani Mohamud Aateye (Fariid) said in a statement posted on his Twitter account that Somaliland is concerned about the Somali government’s violation of the UN Security Council arms embargo.

The Somaliland Defense Minister said in a statement on Twitter: “The Somaliland government is very concerned about the Somali government’s failure to implement the United Nations arms embargo.”

The Minister specifically condemned Egypt for providing arms to Somalia, noting that it was a threat to security across the region. “We condemn the Egyptian Government for violating the arms embargo on Somalia.” He said this would pose a serious threat to the peace and stability of the region.

The Somaliland Defense Minister added in his letter to the Government of Somalia that it has a list of different weapons, which also confirms that the Somali government has obtained weapons from Egypt.