Aisha ex Silvia Romano responds to the Quran with threats

The gossip of the nation’s broadcast was made out of information about Silvia Romano posted on her Facebook page in her own language.

This action illustrated Romano’s response to people who are the first people to threaten and criticize society.

Silvia recently returned from her country after her long absence from Somalia.

The controversy that led them is the reason for their goals.

Both verses include the languages ​​spoken by Fusilat.

Somalia’s daughter released ” threats”
The Muslim woman was disturbed after a court hearing
Shukri Said, an independent journalist who oversees the BBC, says that the ways in which Silvia’s intentions are interpreted are fearful of storing the hostages.

“In its words we are inclined to people who are guided by extremists to believe that they have bad people and you can trust those you trust to have more freedom than your close friends, but it requires patience. Where you are saying that and the one you were in and who kidnapped you from the limits of a murdered person and a holder, ”Shukri said.

Italian newspapers have told you that you are discussing the first steps being taken Silvia, the first time he was standing over the

Court is expected to formally test looga to discuss Silvia Romano, according to widespread media reports out of ANSA.

The case is still ongoing and our girls have shown that they have heard their case.

Hate Silvia showed significant benefit teacher community, today many people have argued that the ability to continue the effort out.

Military sources say the woman has been in control of Somali and Turkish government bases.

Silvia, sent from Aisha, was overjoyed when I returned
However, it was her first return to the city when the announcement was made to urge them to take care of social issues, and to encourage them to keep their children in captivity.

Looga media has produced in her home has been imposed cast glass.

The Muslim community in Milan has sparked a fight with Aisha and has pledged to defend its power against its will.

In the House, a member of the House of Representatives spoke out strongly against the central committee after the “terrorists” that shows Silvia.

Alessandro Pagano, the 1st deputy speaker of the lower house of parliament, reported Silvia Romano, when his staff was in charge of rebuilding churches, in an effort to cause coronavirus. .

Pagano called the “anti-Semitic idea” urging the government to form an alliance with the country, adding that “this is the first time the country’s terrorist girl has been brought back …”

His remarks make him one of the leading judges in parliamentary affairs and parliamentary affairs known as Silvia Romano, an Islamic airport.

Having this image of the AGENCY / GETTY IMAGES
Romano’s case was official in Kenya, overseeing her medical activities in Kenya.

Armed groups reportedly killed in November last year

It is said that the group they kidnapped is part of al-Shabaab.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the foreign minister of the embassy have left Rome for the airport after leaving Rome.

According to information related to Silvia (Aisha) last week, the community will succeed to show that it can be different in all its seasons, at all times.