Us Troops Killed One Of Al Shabaab Famous Leaders In Somalia yousuf Jis

The US military command in AFRICOM said it would confirm that three people were killed in the April bombing of Somalia, the senior al-Shabaab commander.

The leader of AFRICOM says they have told the story of Yusuf Jiis, one of the founding members of the al-Shabaab group, and many of the attacks are claimed by the Somali and East African groups.

AFRICOM Commander General Stephen Townsend said: “Yusuf Jiis has guided his emphasis on al-Shabaab terrorists. There are so many traumatic experiences, so bad, that the work of your father has diminished, and not the loss of their lives. His killing and the country of Somalia makes it the first of its kind. ”

The attack killed Yusuf Jiis in the Bush Madina area of ​​Bay region, 135 miles west of Mogadishu.

AFRICOM has announced a colorful paper on the abduction of Yusuf Jiis where he is reported to have been abused, and needs to continue to make the necessary effort to achieve lasting peace and stability in Somalia.

Meanwhile, AFRICOM said the new airstrikes carried out on April 6th in Jilib targeted Al-Shabaab.

In a statement, Africom said five al-Shabaab terrorists were killed in the shelling. AFRICOM says they will assess how the bombings killed or injured the civilian fathers.