Ethiopia pressures Somalia president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to take action against Egyptian teachers

The Ministry of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia has said it will re-take the high school May 15, which is under the control of an Egyptian education delegation.

The Egyptian delegation has been in charge of the school since 2015 when it was handed over to the administration.

The Somali Ministry of Education said the school was needed to transform the school for girls’ teachers, which would produce girls from primary and secondary schools in the country.

Demonstrations resulting from the cancellation of the high school exam
Minister of Education Abdullahi Godah Barre said in an interview with the BBC that nothing was written in a statement by members of the Somali National Assembly, who said the government’s takeover of the school on 15 May was behind the order. the government of Ethiopia.

Responding to the issue, Minister Abdilahi Barre said: “I have seen [social media] and [internet bloggers] talk about MPs, those MPs, political MPs whose government and nationality are very much. low I believe they are ”. said Goodax Barre.

“To make a decision in a school in Hamar for the benefit of our people and to do our job is to say that the government has been given a place of patriotism and bad humanity. Whatever they want, they should do politics but it is human. bad. ”

Now mp include the elder member of the Council of People’s Federal Facebook account that the message denouncing the government order of high school 15-May looga transferred to the Government of Egypt.

Hon. Mahad Salad “An apology from Ethiopia to the May 15-run Egyptian school and free education for its students!” said MP Mahad Salad.

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“Previously, if a heart stone hand. port  being transferred. Resolution of the Arab League had supported Somalia affair  back. country where they want to live them every day also stuck. Today, schools are closed affair, again what else ?! ”

The Somali Ministry of Education earlier this month issued a petition requesting the transfer of the school by April 30th.