Somalia confirms second case of coronavirus pandemic

The Somali federal government health ministry recently announced the second case of Coronavirus from a Somali citizen in Mogadishu, after an investigation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Fowsiyo Abiirkar Nur said in a press conference that the infected person had just arrived from abroad.

Dr. Fowsiyo added that the patient was quarantined, and that the situation would remain with the Somali government.

“This is the second case to be found. The inquiry we sent last week was in response, we have shared with the community, it is positive, not symptomatic, and we pray to God not to spread the disease and spread it.” “He is one of the people in the quarantine,” she said.

The second person diagnosed with Coronavirus is one of the young men in the military who went to training in Italy, who recently returned to the capital, Mogadishu.

He was also accompanied by three other Somalis who were quarantined at Aden Adde International Airport two weeks ago.

The federal government recently signed with China against piston looga COVID19’s larger plan to control the disease faafintaanka.

Important steps the government has taken include the decision to suspend international flights and shut down educational institutions.