Al-Shabaab has officially claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, Muqdisho

Al-Shabaab has officially claimed responsibility for the suicide attack, which took place today near the Lord’s intersection in Mogadishu.

Banadir regional administration spokesman Salah Omar Hassan said a suicide bomber detonated himself at a restaurant near Market Street.

Salah Dheere confirmed that three people were killed and six others were injured. Three of the dead were of the same family, and died when they were taken to hospital with injuries.

A statement from al Shabaab said that a member of the militia carried out the attack and that the target was a restaurant eaten by government troops, as the statement put it.

“A suicide attack on mujahedeen fighters in the back of the Parliament Center killed nine government soldiers and injured 24 others.” The al-Shabaab militant group said in a statement on its website.

The attack security experts in a series of attacks reflect the anger expressed step 16 on ways to control Jaanale in Lower Shabelle region.

He also seems to attack Al-Shabaab officials in retaliation for a number of days before looga in villages controlled by Ellison, while others made their living from hand looga, according to experts.

Al-Shabaab also intended to demonstrate their own safety and to continue to carry out attacks that threaten the people they can execute, as well as attack them in the most secure areas.

The security situation in Mogadishu has improved in recent months, with several measures being taken to reduce the city’s explosions, particularly traffic.

Al-Shabaab’s car bombings appear to have turned into suicide bombers, as most of the roads they detonate are detonated.