somalia talk conflict between ethiopia and egypt

Minister of Internal Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, Ahmed Isse Awad remained in Garowe, capital of Puntland has already looga talking tensions Nile crisis in the government and Egypt, after a special meeting of the Radio Daljir .

Awad clarified the government’s position, saying Somalia is a relationship between the two governments.

Also state that the only options available to the Somali government are to unite the two sides.

The Security Council says:

“The conflict with Egypt and the ongoing civil war in Somalia and Somalia is more balanced, if it is needed for Somalia to help resolve the differences that are available, and close, depending on its conflict and the mediation of these differences. ”Said Ahmed Jesus Awad.

Meanwhile, speculation about the country’s news outcome of the university supported the Egyptian government, as has been said time and again that they are back, after pressure from on the Internet, and has been reported in That is all news. there was nothing in it.

The statement comes on the heels, with the announcement of the announcement of the cargo issue between the governments of Djibouti and Somalia specifically to further the university’s support for Egypt.