Somalia: MP shot dead in Galkayo, Puntland

Puntland security forces are searching for the people behind the killing of Mukhtar Ahmed Omar (Tinle) in Galkayo North of Mudug region.

MOGADISHU ( – A member of the Galkayo city council has been killed in the northern city of Galkayo, Radio Garowe reports.

Mudug region Governor Ahmed Muse Nur spoke about the killing of MP Mukhtar Ahmed Omar (Tinle), said the deceased was also a businessman and killed an innocent man, and said troops are conducting an investigation.

“Mukhtar was a lawmaker and also a businessman. He was killed by an unjust hand, and he was behind his killing by people accustomed to targeting people in the community, but security forces are pursuing him and will not give up on the killers. “The governor of Mudug region said.

The security situation in Galkayo has been relatively poor over the last few years, and there have been several incidents of security killings and targeted killings.