Egypt’s president Request Somali president to mediate ethopia

Egypt’s President Abdifatah Al-Sisi has called on his Somali counterpart, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo), to mediate between him and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Al-Sisi called in a letter to the president on Sunday calling for him to work with the solution to the current water dispute between the two countries.

The letter to the Somali president was delivered by Egypt’s Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abakakar Hifni Mohamud.

The Assistant in an exclusive interview with Goobjoog Radio said that the Cairo government had high hopes that Farhan could resolve tensions between Ethiopia and Egypt, taking advantage of his bilateral friendship.

“Somalia is an important country, with a lot of weight, and good relations with both sides, and I’m sure President Farmajo, taking advantage of his friendly relationship with Prime Minister Abiy, could be part of the solution to the dam, Egypt.” and I can help him ”. said Abu Xifni Mohamud.

He also mentioned the importance of the Nile to Egypt, stressing that its lack of resources could lead to widespread unemployment.

“The Nile is dependent on water for 97% of the people of Egypt. Our country would not exist without the Nile, it is a national security. . added Abu Xifni.

Egypt and Ethiopia have been involved in the Nile River case for some time, and negotiations between the two governments have failed.