Former Somali Foreign Minister Appointed To Lead Galmudug State Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

Somalia’s immediate former Foreign Minister, Yusuf Garad Omar, has accepted an appointment to lead the organising committee for the inauguration ceremony for the newly elected Galmudug State President, Ahmed Abdi Qorqor, and his deputy, Ali Eid. A decree from the Office of the Galmudug State President appointed a 12-member committee whose obligations include to set the schedule for the inauguration ceremony, and to arrange the overall plan for the event in coordination with the presidential office.
Mr Garad, a veteran journalist, was a former editor of the BBC Somalia Service. He was formerly critical of Qorqor’s nomination during the state presidential electoral process. Since his election, President Qorqor has reached out to political opponents in a bid to ease tensions in the region.