Alshabab Militants Killed In US Airstrike In Middle Juba in Somalia

The United States has targeted al Shabaab in a series of airstrikes in the first week of March killing six and injuring several others.
The strikes show ramped up offensive assaults by the US against the al Qaeda affiliate in the horn of Africa in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia
hree of the strikes—two on March 2 and a third on March 5—targeted al-Shabab militants near Qunyo Barrow, Somalia, in the country’s Middle Juba region.
A fourth strike targeted one of the terror group’s camps near Gandarshe, which is located about 33 miles south of Mogadishu.
Intelligence indicates that while the airstrikes appear to be increasing, they are in response to credible intel that has been fostered by civilian cooperation.
Al Shabaab has been attacking innocent people, decapitating economic activities in areas in Somalia which have stirred public outrage.
Al Shabaab has been suffering major losses in a trend expected to continue until the terror organization is defeated.